The Negev Refugees Center

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About Us:

The Negev Refugees Center  (NRC)  was founded  in 2009 by four women students from Ben Gurion University of the Negev in response to the  refugees arriving destitute in the south of Israel from Eritrea and Sudan. Today, the NRC is a thriving NGO working with and for over 1000 asylum seekers in Be’er Sheva and approximately 3000 more in other Negev cities.
Israel does not recognize asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan as refugees but considers them “Infiltrators”. Although international law prevents them from deportation, they are subject to many restrictions regarding domicile, social rights, health, and employment rights. NRC has set itself the task of championing this marginalized community – Join us for an insight into their lives and our joint activities.


The Negev Refugee Center works together with the asylum seeker community in Be’er Sheva and throughout the Negev to enable members of the community to lead productive and meaningful lives. We aim to support and strengthen community leadership and to encourage initiatives growing out of that community. Our organization helps provide tools for personal and general growth, working to create partnerships with other organizations and communities in Be’er Sheva and the Negev as a whole.



Donation Amount

  •  21/06/2023 21:00
  •   North Railway Pub, 2 David Ben Gurion Blvd., Beer Sheva

Come celebrate the end of the semester together and mark International Refugee Day with an African party in a hot atmosphere with the one and only Dj Daniel Mangisto Advance tickets 40 | At the entrance 45 Kenytan - donate to the struggle and activity for refugees in the south!

  •  20/06/2023 19:00
  •   Giza Pub, Bialik 26 Beer Sheva

The Center for Refugees in the Negev invites you to an evening. Sorry for the question about refugees. Come meet an amazing community that lives here in Be'er Sheva - in an interesting, exciting and special evening. Free entry! Donations in hat format for an activity for the community

Informal education

We operate a number of educational programs adapted to the needs of the community

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Exhaustion of rights

Once a week we run a public reception in aid of the protection and assistance of the rights of the community

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Humanitarian aid

The association works to create layers of security for the asylum seeker community, through the distribution of food packages, milk substitutes, school supplies and more

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Project Outreach

The association has an outreach team made up of Israelis and asylum seekers who work to make the voice of the community in Israel heard and to bear witness to the story of those who set out on the journey and those who left behind

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For volunteering, booking lectures and questions please leave details and our representatives will get back to you